Talking About Auto Maintenance and Service

Talking About Auto Maintenance and Service

When To Overhaul Your Engine: 3 Signs It's Time For An Upgrade

by Jason Lopez

An engine overhaul is a complex job that requires an experienced mechanic to be done correctly. It involves the removal of engine components, inspection for wear and tear, replacement of worn parts, and reassembly with new or reconditioned components.

While engine overhauls are sometimes necessary due to normal wear and tear, there are specific situations when engine problems may require an engine overhaul. Read on to learn more.

Engine Overheating

An overheating engine can be caused by several things, such as a defective engine fan or a failing water pump. The engine fan basically cools the engine by circulating air through the engine compartment. If it's not working properly, engine temperatures can easily increase to dangerous levels.

The water pump helps keep engine temperatures down by circulating coolant throughout the engine. A failing water pump can lead to engine overheating due to a decrease in coolant flow. In both of these situations, engine temperatures can get so high that engine parts become damaged, and an engine overhaul may be necessary, especially if engine overheating persists after cooling system repairs.

An engine overhaul can help repair the issue by replacing all worn or damaged engine parts and reassembling the engine with new components. The overhaul usually begins with the engine being disassembled and inspected.

The engine block is then pressure tested to check for cracks or other damage. Once the engine block passes inspection, the engine is then rebuilt with new or reconditioned engine components.

Engine Knocking

Another situation that may require an engine overhaul is engine knocking. This is when the engine makes a tapping or knocking sound due to air/fuel mixture problems. This can be caused by worn piston rings, dirty valves, or clogged air filters.

Engine knocking can be a serious issue and can lead to engine damage if it's not addressed quickly. In such cases, an engine overhaul can help replace all worn engine parts and improve engine performance overall. During this process, your mechanic can also get rid of things like carbon deposits and engine sludge, which can further help optimize engine performance.

An Accident

The third major situation when an engine overhaul might be necessary is if the engine has been damaged due to a motor accident. The sheer impact of a collision can cause engine components to be damaged or even dislodge engine parts altogether.

In such cases, engine components need to be replaced with new or reconditioned components to get the engine running optimally again. The overhaul process will mainly involve engine disassembly, inspection, cleaning, and reassembly with new engine components.

Again, it is important to note that engine overhauls should be done by experienced mechanics who have the right equipment and expertise to do the job correctly. 

To learn more about engine overhauls, contact an auto service in your area.


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