Talking About Auto Maintenance and Service

Talking About Auto Maintenance and Service

Water Pump Problems: Knowing When You Need Engine Repair

by Jason Lopez

Car trouble can be one of the most frustrating things for people to deal with. Unfortunately, your car's engine has a lot of components that can potentially fail. One of those components is the water pump. When it comes to engine repair, water pumps are, in fact, a common source of trouble. Since these pumps control the flow of coolant through the engine, they play an important role. Here's a look at some of the signs that you should watch for that may indicate you need an engine repair technician.

Visible Damage to the Pump

If you look at your water pump and you can see a layer of rust, corrosion, or any other type of  buildup on the pump housing, that's an indication that the pump is aging. If you want to avoid the catastrophe of a failed water pump that can cause your engine to overheat, you'll want to reach out to an engine repair technician about your deteriorating pump before it fails.

Coolant Leak Under the Engine

One of the earliest active indications that your car's water pump is failing is the appearance of coolant leaks under the engine. As the water pump wears, the seals and gaskets on the pump begin to fail first. As they fail, they allow coolant to seep past, leaking onto the ground under your car. It's important to regularly check the area where your car is parked for any signs of a leak that you should be concerned about.

If you're seeing a coolant leak under your engine, you'll want to talk with an engine repair technician about assessing the condition of your engine's water pump as well as checking the coolant lines to be sure that nothing is cracked or damaged.

Noisy Water Pump Pulley

The water pump includes a pulley because it's incorporated into the routing for your engine's serpentine belt. As the engine runs, the pulley turns (along with the other pulleys in the engine) and the belt moves. However, if your water pump is failing, there's a good chance that the pump pulley will give you some early indications.

When you start the engine, do you hear any kind of squeal or grinding sound from the water pump pulley? If so, the bearing may be getting ready to fail, leaving you with a failed water pump. You can also check the pulley itself for any kind of play or movement. If the pulley is loose, you should call an engine repair technician as soon as possible.

Understanding the indications of a failing water pump can potentially keep you from being stranded on the side of the road when the water pump in your car fails. If you're seeing any of these early indications, reach out to a technician from companies like Black Dog Oil Field Services LTD. 


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