Talking About Auto Maintenance and Service

Talking About Auto Maintenance and Service

Reasons Why Your Rotors May Be Wearing Quickly

by Jason Lopez

If you have a truck, SUV, or another type of vehicle that you drive daily, then you may notice that the brakes need to be adjusted often. This typically means that the brake pads need to be changed. However, the rotors need to be replaced on occasion as well. Most rotors can be replaced after driving 25,000 to 50,000 miles. However, if you find that you need to replace your rotors after driving only about 15,000 miles, then this may be an expensive issue. If you want to know why rotors may need to be changed often and also what you can do to avoid the constant replacement, keep reading. 

Aggressive Brake Pads

If you have aggressive brake pads, then your rotors will wear more quickly. Aggressive brake pads are the ones with a relatively high coefficient of friction. This means that more friction is caused as the brake pads wear against the rotors. This friction is what stops your car and aggressive brake pads are quite hard and stable under a variety of weather and temperature conditions. This means that you can expect ideal and quick stopping power from your brakes. 

Aggressive brake pads wear away and create dust as they rub against the rotors. One telltale sign of these types of pads is the metallic brake dust created that builds around the inside of the wheel well. If you see a great deal of this dust, then these are likely aggressive sintered metal pads with a high friction coefficient. A great many of these pads are made from steel, and although they last a long time, they will cause a great deal of rotor wear. 

Aggressive pads do have their advantages in terms of performance and longevity. If you want to save your rotors from constant replacement though, then you can switch to pads that are a bit softer, like semimettalic or organic varieties.

Performance Rotors

If you are concerned about braking power, then you may opt for performance rotors that are fitted with vents, holes, and ridges. All of these different marks are constructed to help move heat and gasses away from the rotors. However, the openings will also weaken the rotors and also reduce the surface area. Reduced surface area means more friction and wear between the areas where the pads meet the rotors. When it comes to weaknesses, the friction and wear can cause fractures to develop in the rotors as they age. 

If you are not driving in extreme conditions and are not off-roading, then you probably do not need performance brakes. This means that you can opt for the solid rotors that last longer and can retain a great deal more wear and tear. If you want some performance benefits, then look for rotors that have small holes for venting instead of larger channels. For more information, contact companies like Heritage Auto Pro.


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Talking About Auto Maintenance and Service

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